How might we create smart drawers to improve how we organize food in our kitchen?



The age of the smart kitchen is upon us. Tech companies and appliance makers aim to deepen their relationships with customers in the kitchen, which for many people is the center of the home. The smart fridge is often the focus for appliance makers. Smart fridges are refrigerators that are connected to the internet and can help you place orders for food or beverages with the touch of a screen. Smart fridges know what items are stored in the fridge, their expiry dates and the ways to use ingredients in recipes. They can be a conduit to food delivery services and anticipate cooking behavior. However, only a small share of food is actually stored in the fridge. The larger share is stored in kitchen cabinets. Our company is an innovative furniture fittings manufacturer. With our main product groups such as lifts, hinges and pull-out systems for furniture we are an integral part of many kitchens.


What if kitchen drawers were smart? Connected drawers can help us improve how we organize food; from ordering food, to finding the right ingredients while cooking and avoiding waste because food expires. Internet-enabled drawers could be linked to wrist bands tracking your diet, and advice you on shopping choices based on price and seasonality. Connected drawers may be able to set up the right dinner recipe based on what’s on hand and automatically open while you cook.


We believe that smart drawers open up new doors and can transform how we cook and eat. Let’s build a smart kitchen innovation to simplify lives, reduce waste, and help people make better decisions about what they cook and eat. Our solution needs to work together with other internet connected appliances, such as smart fridges and dishwashers, as well as AI cooking assistants.


Join our InnoMakers team to build a smart kitchen solution that transforms the way we manage food in our kitchen. We are looking for team members with a passion for technology, the drive to transform kitchens and the skills to create a compelling digital product.


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