Make your idea happen

For 3 months, you will collaborate with employees from our challenge partner and fellow digital talents to create an innovative solution to a critical challenge. If you’re an inventor, designer, technologist, entrepreneur, or someone in between, here are 6 reasons to join us.

🏆 Gain experience

InnoLab is all about learning by doing. You’ll get a lot of experience by working in a diverse teams and building an innovative product.

🛠 Enhance skills

Build the most in-demand skills by working in a startup team. Receive mentoring from experts and training from industry leaders.

💡 Build your idea

Tackle one of the challenges and develop and test your product during 12 weeks.

💰 Stipend

You’ll receive compensation from our challenge partners. OMICRON InnoLab team members receive a monthly gross salary starting at € 2.330.

🚀 Jumpstart your career

Working with our company partners and expert mentors will expand your network and open new doors.

🔬 Leverage company assets

Interact with our company partners to leverage their assets and create new opportunities outside of their core business.


Join an InnoLab team

Great products are created by diverse teams. You’ll partner with employees and other digital talents to tackle a critical challenge. Our InnoLab teams are looking for driven and capable members to fill the following roles.


UX Designer

〇 Software Engineer

〇 Data scientist

See team roles

〇 Software engineer

〇 Experience designer

〇 Product manager

Team roles are coming soon

What we offer

🫴  3-months innovation program with hands-on learning, mentoring, workshops and product development from October – December 2023 in Dornbirn (Austria)

🫴 Collaboration with a diverse team of Product Managers, UX Designers, Software Engineers and Data Scientists

🫴  Support from company partners, experts and industry leaders

🫴  Creative and inspiring workplace

🫴  Monthly stipend from our challenge partners. OMICRON InnoLab team members receive a monthly salary of € 1.800.

What we expect

💭  Solving innovation challenge by working with challenge partner and interdisciplinary team full-time for 3 months

💭 Knowledge and skills to fulfill your team role

💭 Passion for creating new things and learning

💭 Deep interest in technology, digitalization, and culture

💭 Ability to thrive under pressure in a fast-paced environment

💭 Excellent problem-solving, organizational and interpersonal skills

💭 Ability to communicate clearly


Work & Live in the heart of Europe

Work where others spend their vacation and experience the Austrian Alps.

⛰️ Location

Our program runs in Dornbirn/Vorarlberg, which is located in Austria’s far west, nestling between Lake Constance and the Alps. Pleasantly small in size, the region stands out for charming culture and stunning natural scenery.

🚴🏽‍♂️ Adventure

Vorarlberg presents you with ample opportunities to enjoy nature. Experience unforgettable moments in the Austrian Alps while exploring the local culture.

🏭 Opportunities

Vorarlberg has a robust and diverse economy, with thriving industries in areas such as manufacturing, engineering or textiles. By being part of InnoLab you can learn from professionals in these dynamic sectors and create new opportunities.


Support from leading experts

You’ll get more than a transformative learning experience at InnoLab. You’ll refine your knowledge through unique access to industry practitioners at the forefront of their fields.

Expert mentors

Industry practitioners and academics with practical experience are our mentors. They deliver workshops, talks and 1-1 coaching sessions during office hours.

Company mentors

Executives and managers foster knowledge exchange between our company partners and InnoLab teams. They facilitate direct access to the assets of the company.

Lead Mentors

Lead mentors from outside the company are your team’s main reference point. They help you accelerate your product development with their expertise and experience.


Apply in 3 steps


Understand challenge

Check out our challenges and select your favorite.


Capture inspiration

Introduce yourself by sharing an insight or idea for the challenge you want to tackle in a 2-minute video.


Submit application

Add your CV and personal information and submit the application form by August 6, 2023.


Do I need to pay to participate at the InnoLab?

The program is entirely free. You receive a stipend from our challenge partners. OMICRON InnoLab team members receive a monthly salary of € 1.800.

Where will the InnoLab take place?

The Workshops will take place in person in Dornbirn (AUT) at the Gravitat – BTV House of Innovation. The OMICRON InnoLab team will work on Monday and Tuesday at Gravitat and the rest of the week at the OMICRON headquarter in KLAUS. With these two locations you will get the best of both worlds: The autonomy of a space outside the company and the opportunity to connect with teams and people at the company premise.

What language do you speak at the InnoLab?

The InnoLab’s language will be a mix of English and German depending where the participants come from. Teams can choose to work together in whatever language they want, but the outcomes of the event will have to be in English too.

Who are the participants?

The event is free for everyone to join. Our main group of participants is university students with diverse backgrounds including business, design, and engineering.

How does the application work?

You will have to submit a video that summarizes your idea for the innovation challenge on our registration form.

What if I don’t have an idea to submit?

In this case, you can apply with a video introducing yourself, your interests and skills, and motivation for joining the InnoLab. Moreover, you will have to briefly explain an industry trend or inspiration relative to the challenge you would like to tackle.

What kind of support will participants receive at the event?

Teams will have access to a platform showcasing useful ressources to progress on the idea. Webinars, check-ins, and office hours will complement the support.

What will happen after InnoLab?

InnoLab ends with a Demo Day where you showcase your idea in front of the company partners, experts, mentors, and potential investors. Depending on the project you have been working on and the outcomes of the Demo Day, you’ll be advised on different ways to move forward with your idea or with your next career steps.

More questions?

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