Open up your innovation efforts to co-create new products, services and business models with external innovators. The InnoSchool accelerates your innovation efforts by surfacing questions, building prototypes to learn and moving them closer to market.

Innovate effectively

Each team will deliver a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) after 3 months of creating and testing ideas. Teams will validate customer problems and value propositions in close interaction with customers and partners. Your innovation will be accelerated with the InnoSchool process.

Recruit young talent

After interacting with your employees and engaging with your industry, you will have access to a pool of talent to fill your company’s skill gaps.

Train your employees

InnoSchool helps your employees to acquire important knowledge and skills. Working as a startup team can transform their careers and they can share their learnings with other employees to enhance your company’s innovation culture.

Opportunities for Batch #1

Corporate training

Level up your team’s innovation skills. Join selected workshops to help train and grow your valuable team to be equipped with relevant skills.

Event sponsorship

Get exposure by sponsoring our weekly workshops or meetups.

Fund a scholarship

Enhance your social impact by providing tech education to those you need it. With your support we can enlarge the first batch of InnoSchool.

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