Become a company partner

There’s no shortage of new ideas. But ideas are worthless without execution. Empower your InnoLab team to design and test solutions to your innovation challenge during our 3-month program. InnoLab accelerates your innovation efforts by surfacing questions, building prototypes to learn and moving them closer to market.

💡 Innovate effectively

Explore new ideas quickly by building and testing solutions to your  challenge.

🎓 Train employees

Equip your employees with in-demand skills and empower them to innovate by reducing unnecessary constraints.

🌟 Recruit talent

Get access to talent to fill your company’s skill gaps and drive your innovation agenda forward.

How it works?

Companies define a challenge and participants apply with their inspirations. During the program, experts provide workshops and mentoring to help the teams develop and validate ideas over 3 months.


🏁 Validate solution to your innovation challenge in 3 months

🏁 Create the basis for decision-making for further investment

🏁 Empower employees and recruit talent


                    ✓ Development of Minimum Viable product

                    ✓ Tests of business model hypotheses

                    ✓ Convincing pitch deck for company stakeholders

Other ways to get involved

Employee training

Level up your team’s innovation skills. Join selected workshops to help train and grow your valuable team to be equipped with relevant skills.

Event sponsorship

Get exposure by sponsoring one of our workshops or meetups.

Fund a fellowship

Enhance your social impact by providing tech education to those you need it. With your support we can have additional InnoLab Fellows tackle the challenges.

You are in good company

Interested in becoming involved? Get in touch!