Frequently Asked Questions

How much does InnoSchool cost?

The program is entirely free. You only have to cover the travel costs to Dornbirn and living expenses. You receive a scholarship of € 2,250 (€ 750 per month) to contribute to travel expenses and cover living expenses. You get to live in one a “Coliving Villa” free of charge.

Will I need a visa?

You don’t need a visa, if you fulfill all three prerequisites:

  1. You are a holder of a residence permit of another Schengen Member State or a national of one of the countries listed online at the OEAD
  2. You do not wish to stay in Austria for longer than the InnoSchool program duration.
  3. You do not intend to take up gainful employment in Austria.

(1) Should you not be legally eligible to travel to Austria, please contact your nearest Austria visa processing office with regard to obtaining the necessary student visa for your participation in InnoSchool.

(2) The visa free stay is related to all Schengen countries, i.e. days you spend in other Schengen countries are included in the 90 days visa free stay! Plan your travels accordingly.

(3) InnoSchool is an education program and does not constitute employment. While you are engaging with an innovation challenge of a company partner, you are not employed by the company, not integrated in their company structure and not obligated to deliver work to them. During the 3-month program you will attend workshops, talks, collaborate with your team, receive mentoring and build your idea.


To enter Austria, immigration authorities will require this letter and your valid passport.

What is the program language?

The program will be entirely in English.

Can I participate in the program remotely?
We do not allow remote participation. Our program builds on team collaboration and face-to-face interactions with mentors so we require participants to relocate to Austria.
What is the time commitment required by participants?
InnoSchool is a full-time program over 3 months. We expect participants to commit to the weekly schedule in order to build their skills and make progress with their product.
Are there any entry requirements?

No. Everybody is welcome to apply to InnoSchool. We will select the best candidates based on their motivation, video introduction, and CV.

I don’t have an idea, can I still apply?

Yes. If you don’t have an idea, use the video to introduce yourself as a team member. Which skills do you bring to an InnoSchool team?

Will I work on the idea in my application video if I get selected?

Maybe. Once selected, you will be assigned to an interdisciplinary team and you will collectively decide which ideas to pursue during the program. Most likely, the final project will include the most promising aspects of everybody’s ideas.

How many teams will join InnoSchool?

There will be one team of 5-6 people per challenge.

How is the program structured?

The program will include a mix of weekly workshops to enhance your skills in the selected track (UX Design, Software Engineering, and Product Management), daily one on one meetings with mentors and experts, as well as inspirational talks with experts. For more details, check out our program page.

What will the company’s involvement during InnoSchool be?

One or two employees from each company will join your InnoSchool team full time. You’ll interact with other company mentors throughout the program.

What will happen after InnoSchool?

InnoSchool ends with a Demo Day where you showcase your idea in front of the company partners, experts, mentors, and potential investors. Depending on the project you have been working on and the outcomes of the Demo Day, you’ll be advised on different ways to move forward with your idea or with your next career steps.

We are constantly updating and expanding our FAQ section. If you have additional questions that are not covered by the FAQ, please contact us at or send us a message via Facebook. We will get back to you as soon as we can!

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