About InnoLab

InnoLab offers companies a unique opportunity to innovate for green and digital transitions outside their core business. Interdisciplinary teams of entrepreneurial employees and digital talent develop new business models with a positive impact in three months.

InnoLab 2023 challenges


Sustainable leasing investments

How might we use digitalization to simplify making sustainable leasing investment for our customers?



How might we design interaction spaces to enable person-centered assistance for people with impairments and promote inclusion?

Challenge brief coming soon

How it works?

Companies define a challenge and participants apply with their inspirations. During the program, experts provide workshops and mentoring to help the teams develop and validate ideas over 12 weeks.


🏁 Validate the potential of a new business model in 3 months

🏁 Create a basis for decision-making for further investment

🏁 Empower employees and recruit talent


                    ✓ Development of promising ideas

                    ✓ Tests business model hypotheses

                    ✓ Convincing pitch deck for corporate partners         

From challenge to impact

Every week at InnoLab is designed for you to make progress with your idea and pick up the required skills quickly. Our program guides you to build products that captivate customers and achieve business outcomes.

⏱️ Bi-weekly sprints to plan and make progress.

🛠 Bi-Weekly workshops with mentors to train the most in-demand skills.

👩‍💻 Weekly office hours with mentors to make progress.

👏 Monthly meetup with experts to provide inspiration and guidance.

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Why you should participate


💡 Innovation: Develop new business models through our open, customer-centric, and iterative processes.

🎓 Training: Empower your employees with the most useful methods to bring ideas to life.

🌟 Recruiting: Gain access to exceptional individuals who can drive your innovation agenda forward.


🏆 Gain experience: InnoLab is all about learning by doing. You’ll get a lot of experience by working in a diverse teams and building an innovative product.

🛠 Enhance skills:Build the most in-demand skills by working in a startup team. Receive mentoring from experts and training from industry leaders.

🚀 Jumpstart your career:Working with our company partners and coaches from leading agencies will expand your network and open new doors.

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